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Thinking through the risks

Alloy Group employees engage in many day-to-day activities that have the potential to expose them to serious hazards.

As such, it is an absolute priority for us to provide the information, tools, resources and training that will ensure each employee can proactively think through the risks of any situation then identify, reduce and eliminate any work-related hazards.

Alloy Group provides a new Employee First approach to safety for the Abatement, Demolition and Environmental Engineering services we offer. Our award-winning safety program has been designed from the ground up to ensure it contributes to the execution of safe and profitable projects. At Alloy, safety isn’t just a priority, it’s a precondition.

We work tirelessly to galvanize a safety culture where our people can continue to work safely and do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

Miguel Roldan
Safety Manager,
Alloy Group


Our path to success comes with a plan. We make sure that our teams have adequate time for work safety planning in order to account for a variety of issues, such as seasonal conditions, site safety hazards, developing health and safety plans, PPE and supplies and subcontractor prequalification.
Preparation is key to ensuring our projects’ successes. We do this by conducting kickoff meetings, mitigating identified hazards, effective communication of plans, and providing training and certifications.
Our history has told us that even though we have the experience to manage the known, being vigilant in adjusting to site conditions and changes is a must. This is why we are constantly monitoring the site, following behavior and implementing changes based on observation.
Success in safety is achieved by cultivating a culture of good safety. We challenge ourselves to learn and evolve based on lessons learned and best industry practices.

Safety Training and Education

Alloy Group’s Safety Department is comprised of a group of safety professionals dedicated to encouraging, protecting and motivating every worker to adhere to our safety culture.

In 2018 Alloy opened its Safety Training and Education Facility in Concord, North Carolina. This facility is a stand-alone operation, providing safety consulting and support to the organization throughout the United States. We provide safety and health orientations to each worker prior to them setting foot on our job sites.

Collaboration among all levels of personnel within Alloy is the single most important element of our safety process and has been critical to our success in maintaining our high safety standards. A team of talented and dedicates bilingual staff assist with communication to ensure all employees understand what’s required of them and that safety is the main priority of the company.

Stop Work Authority

We expect all employees to actively participate in STOP WORK authority.
Every employee has the right and the obligation to invoke Stop Work Authority if they see an action or situation that could cause a preventible incident.


No matter the level of preparation, demolition projects are bound to have unforeseen circumstances occur or potential issues arise. To ensure we overcome these obstacles, our management team is highly responsive to customer concerns and project adjustments. We make sure of this through regular communication and availability by project managers or corporate personnel.
Alloy provides abatement, demolition, and environmental engineering services throughout the United States.
Alloy prioritizes safety. It's our philosophy that our financial sustainability and longevity are directly linked to the well-being of our team members. This is why we provide top-in-the-industry safety training and we constantly evaluate and align our program to industry best practices. We have an industry-leading safety performance with a 0.57 composite EMR. Safety is in everything we do. It is a part of our culture, and we ensure our team is prepared day in and day out to ensure we keep our crews safe. We make sure our crew is correctly trained and licensed for each job, provide accurate reporting to our customers about that training and constantly adjust our safety protocols to ensure we maintain our safety focus.
ALLOY has been in business since the 1980s, having completed over 80,000 projects nationwide. Our management team consists of some of the foremost experts in the industry, with over 30 years of knowledge of industry best practices.



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