Environmental Engineering

Our Environmental engineering services are focused on protecting people from the adverse effects of pollution, as well as improving the overall environmental quality of the communities we live and work in.

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Alloy Group’s environmental engineering service applies scientific and engineering principles to improve and maintain the environmental conditions around the projects we work on everyday.

Protecting human health and nature’s ecosystems are of paramount importance to both Alloy and our clients, as they enhance the quality of life for the people who live and work in the communities we serve.

Our in-house team of environmental engineers are experienced, dedicated and devise solutions for wastewater management, water and air pollution control, recycling and waste disposal.

They design plans to prevent waterborne diseases and improve sanitation in urban, rural and recreational areas and more broadly assess the environmental impact of the proposed construction projects we work on.

Benefits of Alloy Group for Technical and Compliance Services

We have extensive experience developing strategies for our clients to find the most cost-effective and efficient path to reach site closure.

  • Site Investigation and Remedial Design
  • Compliance Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Regulatory interface and Technical Communicator
  • Project Technical Oversight
  • Site Progression Reporting and Management
  • CERCLA or RCRA Process Management
  • Permit Applications and Compliance Review
  • Health and Safety Compliance


Alloy is a client-focused company, committed to ensuring our customers’ meet their project goals while helping them ensure that regulatory requirements are met. We provide an array of technical and compliance assurance offerings to help our customers navigate stringent regulatory compliance issues, remedial and permitting processes, provide technical oversight and develop strategies around site cleanup and management.


Consistent with our philosophy, we believe that the right people with the right experience will lead to the best possible outcome of a project. Our experience in water treatment design is wide-ranging, from technology evaluation to plant design to operation and maintenance. We are unique, in that consultants in this narrow field are very limited; and we can say with confidence that our personnel have the direct experience and knowledge to be the best overall mining-related water treatment system managers, designers, and operators in the world.

We have experience in many different water treatment technologies: lime-precipitation, high-density sludge, ion exchange, micro-filtration, ultra-filtration, etc. We have experience in both surface water and groundwater treatment systems. We have extensive operation and maintenance experience which results in smarter designs that can accommodate the needs of the operation and maintenance personnel.


Alloy team members span across a broad array of technical disciplines, including scientists and engineers, providing our customers with a partner that can handle all of their civil engineering needs. Our Civil Engineering team can be involved in nearly every stage of a project, including site selection, design, writing specifications for processes and materials, reviewing bids, ensuring compliance, and supervising all phases of the project. Our team serves clients in the public and private sectors with a collective wealth of knowledge and skill in the areas of civil and environmental engineering.


No matter the level of preparation, demolition projects are bound to have unforeseen circumstances occur or potential issues arise. To ensure we overcome these obstacles, our management team is highly responsive to customer concerns and project adjustments. We make sure of this through regular communication and availability by project managers or corporate personnel.
Alloy provides abatement, demolition, and environmental engineering services throughout the United States.
Alloy prioritizes safety. It's our philosophy that our financial sustainability and longevity are directly linked to the well-being of our team members. This is why we provide top-in-the-industry safety training and we constantly evaluate and align our program to industry best practices. We have an industry-leading safety performance with a 0.57 composite EMR. Safety is in everything we do. It is a part of our culture, and we ensure our team is prepared day in and day out to ensure we keep our crews safe. We make sure our crew is correctly trained and licensed for each job, provide accurate reporting to our customers about that training and constantly adjust our safety protocols to ensure we maintain our safety focus.
ALLOY has been in business since the 1980s, having completed over 80,000 projects nationwide. Our management team consists of some of the foremost experts in the industry, with over 30 years of knowledge of industry best practices.



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