In preparation for redevelopment or reuse, structural demolition is often a necessity. It requires specialist teams with extensive experience in surveying, removal of hazardous materials, planning and safe execution.

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At Alloy Group we treat demolition like a science.

By utilizing only the most modern equipment and engineering the optimal solution for every project well in advance of the project beginning, we ensure the safe execution of every aspect of the job. Doing so allows the demolition, site clearing, interior strip out, dismantling, recycling, asbestos and lead abatement, as well and the general debris cleanup to be handled efficiently keeping the schedule intact.

As a vastly experienced specialty environmental group, we have an innate understanding of what it takes to make our clients, and those they work with, completely satisfied ensuring the wider project advances successfully.

Benefits of ALLOY’s Demolition Services

  • National Presence
  • Highly Trained Internal Workforce
  • Industry–leading safety performance
  • Strong financials and bonding
  • Substantial fleet of equipment to handle all levels of work


Our structural demolition expertise spans across projects of complexity, such as simple tear downs to highly technical multi-story building implosions. Our team develops a complete demolition plan that ensures accurate estimating and smooth project execution. Combining our in-depth knowledge and our extensive fleet of equipment, you can count on us to perform any total building demolition job safely and efficiently.

Types of Structural Demolition:

  • High-Reach Demolition – This specialized demolition equipment allows us to reach over the top of a structure in order to process and demolish the structure in a methodical way, as opposed to bringing equipment into the building and demolishing the structure floor by floor.
  • Implosion – Strategic placing of explosive material and timing of its detonation so that a structure collapses on itself in a matter of seconds, minimizing the physical damage to its immediate surroundings.
  • Traditional Methods – This method utilizes our standard heavy equipment to demolish the building floor by floor to safely bring down the building when other means and methods are not available.


Significant to our demolition success is owning a fleet of Husqvarna DXR demolition robots. Alloy continuously invests in robotic demolition technology to ensure maximum safety, efficiency, power and precision of every deconstruction and demolition project. Our machines are agile and versatile to allow us to work in the most challenging spaces.


Safety- State of the art remote controls ensure the safety of our operators, allowing them to control the robot at a safe distance with incredible accuracy.

Efficiency – Our DXRs offer the ability to complete more work using less manpower. Controlled by a single operator, the DXR can complete the work of several men in a given day.

Power- Although these machines are compact, they offer a high power to weight ratio. Our 300 models deliver the power of 22kw. Making them ideal for efficient demolition in tough environments.

Versatility – With its compact design and light weight, the DXRs are designed to be used in confined interior spaces or other locations where it is not safe or practical for a standard excavator.


If precision demolition is what is required, our team has the experience needed to ensure your building is protected, while safely removing unwanted areas. Selective Demolition, sometimes known as strip-out can include, but is not limited to, the removal of walls, floors and ceilings. In addition, our team frequently removes mechanical, electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems. Selective demolition can be a more cost-effective and sustainable demolition solution at times versus a total building demolition.


Our demolition process is built around safety, time management, customer satisfaction and ensuring we optimize our project activities around efficient material scrap, disposal, recycling and reclamation. As we develop our project approach, we create a plan for efficient sorting and disposal or recycling options onsite. In all, we are dedicated to minimizing our project’s environmental impact by finding reuse options for what we can, containing and disposing of hazardous materials to prevent long-term health concerns and disposing of what can’t be reused properly.


No matter the level of preparation, demolition projects are bound to have unforeseen circumstances occur or potential issues arise. To ensure we overcome these obstacles, our management team is highly responsive to customer concerns and project adjustments. We make sure of this through regular communication and availability by project managers or corporate personnel.
Alloy provides abatement, demolition, and environmental engineering services throughout the United States.
Alloy prioritizes safety. It's our philosophy that our financial sustainability and longevity are directly linked to the well-being of our team members. This is why we provide top-in-the-industry safety training and we constantly evaluate and align our program to industry best practices. We have an industry-leading safety performance with a 0.57 composite EMR. Safety is in everything we do. It is a part of our culture, and we ensure our team is prepared day in and day out to ensure we keep our crews safe. We make sure our crew is correctly trained and licensed for each job, provide accurate reporting to our customers about that training and constantly adjust our safety protocols to ensure we maintain our safety focus.
ALLOY has been in business since the 1980s, having completed over 80,000 projects nationwide. Our management team consists of some of the foremost experts in the industry, with over 30 years of knowledge of industry best practices.



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