Park City Plaza

Scope of Work:

Alloy Group was contracted by Babbidge Facilities Construction for the removal of 1196 windows with associated pcm caulk from an 18 story commercial office building. In addition to the window removal, our team also removed two curtain window walls within two garage stairwells and also removed interior sheetrock walls that contained asbestos for the installation of the new windows. Our team worked hand in hand with not only the GC of the project but also the window subcontractor to complete this project efficiently. The crews utilized mast climbers and swing staging 200′ above the ground. Each of the windows removed weighed 175lbs making the removal during the summer heat a challenge. We overcame these challenges by holding daily toolbox talks, monitoring the weather conditions all day and keeping in communication with other trades on scheduling and work areas. Even with these challenges our team was able to complete this project within the contractors schedule and come in under budget.

Project Details

Client Name: Park City Plaza

Duration: 9 Months

Budget: $1M - $1.5M

Location: Bridgeport, CT