Eastland Mall

Scope of Work:

Alloy Group was awarded the contract from the City of Charlotte to demolish 1.2 million square foot three story mall. This project by far is very unique given the level of local involvement, their intense support and its rich history which has fostered many memories for the local patrons. Despite having over 22,660 tons of hazardous waste and C&D, Alloy managed to recycle 80% of the building materials. Salvage and recyclable material include 45,000 tons of concrete, 8,700 tons metals, 250 tons of wood, 2 tons of freon, equipment and glass. 100% of the concrete will be recycled onsite for erosion control. Over 35 tons of materials, flooring, fixtures, furniture and equipment was donated or sold to the local community for reuse. Many local charities benefited from what Eastland Mall could give back to them. Thousands of fluorescent light bulbs and hundreds of fire extinguishers were reclaimed and donated to various organizations within the City of Charlotte. Alloy even up-cycled security uniforms that were donated to the local honor guard and are currently in services for military funerals for local veterans. The East Strategies Team, a local partnership of residence and business owners pooled resources and worked with Alloy and the City of Charlotte to obtain four large historic Eastland Mall signs. The signs were large sun faces that reflected art of the 1970’s. These unique signs were approximately 20 feet in diameter and required a crane for removal from the building. Alloy also partnered with multiple local first responders, fire department police and SWAT team for training and a local charity organization The Climb Coffee ministry and the Rowan Honor Guard. Over 2,000 loads were diverted from the landfill with a fuel savings of $45,000. Over 60,000 trucking miles of wear and tear were saved on local roadways.

Project Details

Client Name: Eastland Mall

Duration: 7 Months

Budget: $3.5M - $4M

Location: Charlotte, NC